About Bella Fiore™ Klinik

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Bella Fiore Klinik in Queen Anne, Seattle

Health + Science + Nature

At Bella Fiore Klinik™, we provides tools to support each patient’s overall health with naturopathic diet & lifestyle strategies, nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, and European drainage remedies. We detox and nourish the body through services such as B12 shots, IV nutrient-rich fluid treatments, colonics, and the invigorating far infrared sauna. Each treatment is designed to catalyze the body’s natural healing process for outward beauty and improved quality of life.

Our mission is to provide world-class medicine rooted in the naturopathic philosophy and the work of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. This means that we treat the underlying causes of illness, chronic pain, and other challenges we face as we age and accumulate toxins. Importantly, each patient is treated by a Board Certified naturopathic physician. Our patients receive individualized treatment plans to lift and re-energize the body by tapping into its own healing powers. The benefits: Increased stamina, a better overall sense of well-being, a healthy, clean body, and beautiful skin.