Bella Fiore™ Med Spa Team

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Alecz Swanson, Front Desk

Alecz Swanson, Front Desk

Alecz is extremely excited to be a part of the team at Bella Fiore, her absolute favorite part of working at the front desk of any establishment is getting to know patients and hearing their unique stories. While she is away from Bella Fiore, Alecz enjoys reading, painting, and music. Alecz has been so inspired by the ladies of Bella Fiore, she is currently attending Gary Manuel Aveda Institute to pursue a career in esthetics.

Jen Crampton, Lead Esthetician, Oncology Certified

Jen Crampton, Lead Master Esthetician, Oncology Certified

Jen is particularly interested in helping people understand the importance of using quality products to nourish the skin, protect against free radical damage, and hydrate. Having struggled with hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, and acne from living in harsh weather climates such as Colorado and New Mexico, Jen has always been drawn towards the skincare, particularly holistic in nature. When she decided to pursue a career in the skincare industry, she moved to the Northwest to attend the Euro Institute of Skin Care. Today, she has advance knowledge and training in Aesthetic Lasers and serves our patients through a variety of naturopathic treatments.

Best Skincare Advice: Stop picking and throw away your magnifying mirror.

Nanci Abell, Master Esthetician

Nanci Abell, Master Esthetician

A history of hardship with her own skin and the desire to help others led Nanci to pursue education in holistic skincare and medical aesthetics. She graduated at the top of her class from the Euro Institute of Skincare in 2009 and received laser certification from the National Laser Institute in 2012. Nanci has years of experience working at both aesthetic laser centers and integrative wellness clinics and is delighted to practice a naturopathic approach. She plans to complete certification in integrative nutrition so that she may further assist her clients to heal inflammatory conditions such as acne and rosacea, revitalize aging skin, and improve overall wellness.

Best Skincare Advice: Drink lots of water and eat lots of plants, feed your skin with nourishing and non toxic skincare and do something you love everyday.

Rosie Lynch, Reflexologist

Rosie is a natural soother with a healing touch. Through the ancient practice of reflexology, she works with patients to help them relax and heal the body. Her work is deeply intensive—improving circulation, reducing pain, and encouraging detoxification, among a number of key benefits. Rosie studied and earned her credentials in reflexology at the Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center. Prepare to be pampered once you have entered Rosie’s space! She is a caring and compassionate soul who absolutely loves her work and her patients.

Best Advice to Patients: Take care of your feet as they take you everywhere you go.

Nava Maude Wiegert, Licensed Massage Practitioner

Nava Maude Wiegert, Therapeutic Bodyworker / Certified Trager® Practitioner


Nava grew up on the back of a horse where she acquired hands that listen. This special sense is keen when she works. She approaches our awesome body and its intelligent elements and energy with great respect, knowledge, and intuition.

A gifted designer, inventor, and crafter of inanimate things, Nava grew inspired to elevate the potential of our living form. She bolstered her University of Michigan BFA with LMT licensure via Seattle’s elite Discoverypoint. Immediately, she specialized in a uniquely gentle and elegant form of fascial release and structural decompression by means of 12 months of professional mentorship, which encompassed intraoral work and brought endorsement. She then gained certification in The Trager® Approach through a pioneering 7-month intensive program. Nava brims with skill, sophistication, and grace and naturally creates an exceptional work of healing art. Put yourself in her hands to get back into your own.

Best Wellness Advice: Give yourself permission to pause. In that pause, feel.   Explore with innocent curiosity what could be…. Find and feel the full weight of your arm, or your jaw. How heavy, how nothing can it be? How everything? Softly play with gravity and let it therapeutically win. Pause and feel how free you could be…

Megan Hagarty, Esthetician

Megan Hagarty, Esthetician

A believer in customization and comfort-focused service, Megan goes above and beyond with patients to make them feel cared for and pampered. Her personal and professional goal is to have each patient leaving feeling beautiful and confident in his or her skin (and to know how to take care of it). Megan completed her training at The Euro Institute of Skin Care, where she also studied manual lymphatic drainage, techniques for chemical peels and microdermabrasion, and the benefits of LED Light Therapy.

Best Skincare Advice: “Treat your body like the temple it is.” Proper at-home care is essential and will have a big impact in the long run. She’s also a firm believer that you are what you eat, and having a balanced diet and lifestyle is key to a healthy and happy life.

Kelly Richardson, Ocology Certified

Kelly Richardson, Master Esthetician, Oncology Certified

Kelly Richardson is a Washington native, but for the past five years was living in Colorado and has now made her way back home. Kelly has been an essential part of the beauty and wellness industry for the past seven years. She is dual licensed in Esthetics and Cosmetology. She attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute for Esthetics and The Gene Juarez Academy for Cosmetology. As a previous business owner, Kelly lived in Colorado and catered to Rocky Mountain Weddings as a wedding stylist. Working in the Rocky Mountains inspired Kelly to start focusing on a more holistic and organic approach. She is highly spirited and warm towards others.

Sue Yeck, Esthetician

Sue Yeck is our newest addition to Bella Fiore team and a Master Esthetician.  Sue has been in the business of beauty for over 30 years, working in the modeling, hair, and retail industries.  Sue has been an esthetician working in spas and doing laser for many years.  Sue attended the National Laser Institute and her favorite treatment is anything to do with laser hair removal.  She also loves doing IPL and ‘clear-tite’ services. In her spare time, Sue can be found spending time with her family and traveling.