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Beauty Skindeep

Beauty and health are one and the same. They are equalizers to one another and as you take care of one, the other follows suit. When we feel better, we look better. When we look better, we feel better. We reach this balance in health and appearance when we’re using nature’s gold and the best clinical resources to detoxify, nourish, and repair our bodies, both from the inside and out. When we are well and at our best, we transform into the most radiant versions of ourselves.

A Naturopathic Med Spa Approach to Beauty and Health

As we age, our bodies begin to slow down, accumulate toxins, and wear away at our own natural resources. We can prevent, repair, and reverse this aging process by incorporating ancient therapies with new technologies, elements of medicine that draw on the body’s own natural ability to heal. Through a clinical approach to beauty and health combined with naturopathic, wild-crafted ingredients, we can harmoniously re-invigorate ourselves and get real, remarkable results to the skin and body.

Our hair, skin, physique are all dictated by how we treat our bodies. In conventional Med Spas or medicine, in general, patients often seek to treat the same challenges we see in our Med Spa and Klinik, however, our philosophy rests on healing the body without exposing it to the harsh chemicals and toxins traditionally present in conventional medicine. We seek to treat imbalances in the body by looking beyond the skin to identify the root causes of an issue. Through this process, we treat the whole body, the whole person, not just the symptoms. Through science-based evidence and cutting edge technology, we are able to provide age-defying results and help patients look and feel their absolute best.

A Luxurious Restorative Approach to Health + Beauty

As a renowned naturopathic physician Dr. Christine Schaffner is at the helm of the movement for a holistic approach to beauty and health. Through her influence and oversight, Bella Fiore™ delivers friendly, expert care in an eco-luxe, rich, clean Med Spa environment. The MedSpa and Klinik are highly sought after resources for patients throughout Seattle and the country at large due to its sophisticated, luxurious, and comfortable setting.