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Bella Fiore

“You will love the atmosphere of this lovely little spa nestled, quietly in the back of a small building in Queen Anne. This spa/klinik is about wellness as much as it is about beauty. Split into two sides, the klinik features a menu of healthful treatments that will enhance your health but it’s nothing like a visit to a sterile hospital or doctors office.

On the spa side, you can take advantage of a signature facial, pain-free laser treatments, or soothing massage. I come here for their amazing, organic skin care. I was able to sample some after attending one of their great events and now I’m hooked! Treat yourself in a holistic way at this beautiful spa!”
—Kamie K.

“Wonderful team of professionals here at Bella! They stay current on education and are just a delight to be around. You will notice an energy shift as soon as you walk in.”
—Maxine D.

Dermaplane Facial

“I can’t say enough about how much I love Bella Fiore. I became a loyal client about two years ago. The treatments are fantastic. You get a lot of bang for your buck. I started going there because of Nanci, a knowledgeable and highly qualified medical esthetician. I trust her with everything and she has become a friend. All of the other estheticians are great too. My favorite treatments are the oxygen facial and Cleartite. I am on the monthly plan which offers a huge savings. Thanks!”

—Kathleen T.


“With Dermaroller the results are real. I noticed smoother, more even skin tone in 2 days with increasing improvements over the course of the next week. It’s very non invasive with minimal redness and discomfort and you can return to regular activities within hours. Not to mention we KNOW the long term effects of using dermaroller are not harmful, whereas we are not sure what Botox and lasers will do over time. It’s an obvious choice.”

“My experience with the Dermaroller was amazing! Two scars from my cheeks disappeared and the fine lines I had developed between my brows and on my forehead are barely visible now! I was told I may peel for 2-3 weeks, but the peeling only lasted a little over a week and I was able to return to all my normal activities and wear make up within 24 hours from the treatment! The Dermaroller is so effective and safe compared to the other alternatives out there. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to feel absolutely beautiful in their own skin.”


“Dermaroller seems to have taken a couple of years off my face. Some shallow lines that have shown up since 40 have smoothed out. I love it. Looking forward to next 2 treatments to see what final result looks like.”


“Jen’s been fantastic at dealing with my very sensitive, highly reactive, combination/problematic skin as a result of some complicated health issues! (If that doesn’t make you an expert… idk what does, lol) I love the holistic approach to skincare at Bella Fiore and after being passed around by many dermatologists (and having lots of other estheticians shy away from my reactive skin)… Jen’s ability to tailor facials and recommend products for home use that are best suited to my individual needs has been absolutely a dream come true b/c my skin is actually beginning to improve! My first day at Bella Fiore I was very discouraged from trying so many things non beneficial things, but I am already happy with the benefits and even hopeful/optimistic about continued improvements in my skin! Basically Jen and Bella Fiore exceeded my original expectations!”
–KS, Naturopathic Facial

“Wonderful staff and experience”
—LS, Naturopathic Facial

“Very, very knowledgable staff. This is extremely important to me in skincare.”
—AH, Naturopathic Facial

“This was my first micro current appointment and I loved it. Very relaxing and I noticed a big difference in the look and feel of my skin, thanks Jen I’m hooked!”
—MP, Micro-Platinum

“Phenomenal staff, everyone is so lovely and Jen is particularly special. One of the best facials ever.”
—TC, Local Naturopathic Facial

“Nanci is a wonderful cosmetologist.”
—SN, Naturopathic Facial

“My facial was excellent and very relaxing which was what I needed. Thank you!”
—LH, Local Naturopathic Facial

“My daughter-in-law is a customer and brought me. It was lovely, Kelly was so pleasant and caring. Next time I am back in the area I will make an appointment.”
—PH, Naturopathic Facial

“Kelly was fabulous! She did a great job. CJ Local Naturopathic Facial Kelly was AWESOME! Will totally be back!”
—CF, Local Naturopathic Facial

“Jennifer was great. She listened to my concerns and provided a solution which seems doable. Met my expectations.”
—CC, Local Naturopathic Facial

“Jenn was great! It was a cool experience and I left looking and feeling totally revitalized!”
—MS, Ageless Men’s Facial

“Jen is the best :)”
YE, Spa Wellness Facial

“I love everything about your spa and will be back for sure! Thank you. :)”
—JH, Local Naturopathic Facial

“I had a great experience @ Bella. Bonnie at the front was very welcoming, walking me to the waiting area and offering me a drink. I had to reschedule my appointment originally as I was running late from work and very stressed out. I said I would come in late but they just offered that I could come in another day to make my experience relaxing and enjoyable. Nanci gave an amazing facial, the extraction part wasn’t too painful and she didn’t pressure me into buying anything but still showed me the products. As I was leaving I had wanted a little more info on laser hair removal and Bonnie sat me down and gave me all the details and specials offered.”
—CP, Local Naturopathic Facial

“I enjoyed the facial very much. I have scheduled another one in October and in theory, would like to do this every other month. I have to consider the costs, though, and will just do what I can. This was probably the best facial I’ve ever received, although I’ve only had a half-dozen in my life. That’s still saying something! Thanks, Nanci!”
—SN, Naturopathic Facial

“Fabulous service, thank you.”
—PR, Local Naturopathic Facial

“Every practitioner I’ve had here has been amazing!”
—VI, Ultimate Wellness Micro-Nano

“Bonnie and Jen were super friendly! Thanks ladies for a very nice experience!”
—TS, Spa Wellness Facial

“I have been going here for years and am hooked on their facials. You get a better deal when you sign up as a monthly skin club member. I’ve received multiple compliments from friends and family about my skin. Only then do I tell them my secret :). I also love the products they sell, including local Kari Gran and small-batched produced Isun from Colorado. My favorite facials are the micro-current and facial infusion. Staff is very friendly and Jen is my favorite!”
—Nan M.

“If you are looking for pampering and the best in skin care, I highly recommend Bella Fiore! I’ve gone to Jen for years for facials and photorejuvenation treatments and she is the best of the best. She is truly a talented esthetician and overall good person. She genuinely cares about the well being of her clients and providing the best care for their skin to look and feel their best. She is very friendly and it’s easy to trust you’re in good hands with Jen, so that the only thing for you to do during your appointment is just relax. Thank you Jen for your ongoing top notch service and to Bella Fiore for being an overall amazing spa experience!”
—Jill K.

“Jen is a lovely person and an amazing esthetician. I tried the custom naturopathic facial and loved it. The products that they use are really good, I especially liked the cleanser Phyto cleanse III from ISUN. I think she used the ISUN products on me. She wrote down all the products that she used and also gave me samples of almost everything. She took out a stubborn blackhead near my eyebrow which was bothering me from a long time. She also answered all my queries and suggested few treatments to achieve the results that I want. Highly recommend Jen and Bella Fiore!!”
—Dona D.

“Jen is the best! Highly recommended her to all my friends. She is as kind as can be and makes you feel very comfortable in a beautiful and relaxed setting.”
—Michelle P.

“I received a gift card from a friend for a facial at Bella Fiore. I loved it! My esthetician was Jen- very knowledgeable, informative, and sweet. Highly recommended.”
—Allie T.

“I live on Queen Anne and love Bella Fiore! I have been there several times for facials and laser hair removal. Their staff is always kind, happy and well informed. I was thrilled to find out they offer vitamin B injections as well. If you are looking for a great spa facial, give them a try.”
—Gina L.

“I can not say enough wonderful things about Bella Fiore. Laid back, lovely little organic spa in the upper Queen Anne neighborhood. I have used them for many services. I have been having naturopathic facials done by Jen for the last 3 years. I look forward to coming every month for her to work her magic. I can have sometime problematic hormonal adult acne. She has helped me keep this under control, and has recommended products for me to use at home – the girl’s here know their stuff! ( while not being pushy and trying to make me buy anything) I love that everything is organic, gentle on your skin and not tested on animals — very important to me! I always leave with fresh radiant dewy skin, that smells beautiful and not like you just walked out of a chemical factory. I love Bella Fiore will keep going regularly and recommend them to everyone I know.”
—Kelli J.

“You must see JEN!!! All the treatments she’s done have changed my skin!!! Jen is amazing and so is all of the staff!!! The spa is very clean, bright and peaceful! I get greeted right away and offered tea or water!!! Jen has done multiple treatments on me including organic facial, facial infusions, photo rejuvenation treatment and lastly the dermaroller. My results have been amazing especially from the dermaroller. I’ve suffered from acne for over 10 years and my skin hasn’t looked this good since I was 13 years old. Over those years I was prescribed multiple different oral and topical acne medicines. The list includes minocycline, tetracycline, spironolactone and accutane. The topical acne medicines included differin, benzaclin, benzoyl peroxide, azelex, aczone, tazorac and retin-A. Anyone who’s suffered from acne would be very familiar with this list. After all that I still had acne and clogged pores but now my skin was puffy, dehydrated and dull looking. I was overly self conscious of my skin at this point. The treatments that Jen has done have changed that now. I hardly break out now. The clogged pores on my nose and chin are nearly gone! My skin looks healthy and vibrant now! I did the facial infusion once a month for a year and then Jen recommended the photo rejuvenation. The facial infusion helped heal my skin and toughen it up! The photo rejuvenation helped with my permanent redness. I still wanted better results and that’s when Jen recommended the dermaroller. I’ve only done one treatment and my pores and overall texture of my skin have already changed! I can’t wait for my next one!!!”
—Adrienne R.

“I have loved all my experiences at Bella Fiore. I came in and saw Jen when I started having bad break outs of acne. She recommended great natural products and helped me find a set a facial infusions that would fight the acne and heal the scars. In addition the already great facials, she recommended I try the dermaroller to reduce the scaring on my face. I went in with a little hope that it might work, and the results were so much better than I ever thought they would be. My scars are barely noticeable now, and they were so red and visible before. My acne is under control and my skin looks ten times healthier today than it did a year ago. I am very pleased with Jen and this natural and welcoming spa! It’s worth the cost for the natural products and the quality experience.”
—Hannah B.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my custom facial with Sue. The ambiance was relaxing and the products were organic, smelled wonderful and I can see/feel the effects on my skin.”

“We have been coming to Bella Fiore for almost a year now. My husband had troubled skin, chronic acne and scarring were our main concerns. Jen has been tremendous! Working with our complex schedule and finding great solutions for my husband as well as myself. She has been giving my husbands skin the attention it deserves and gave me glowing-dewy skin on our wedding day! Jen goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Her extensive knowledge as a master esthetician assures that you’re always going to get the best treatment possible! Thank you Bella Fiore!”

Facial Enhancements

“All the staff is always super friendly and welcoming, great place to come and relax.”
—VI, Ultimate Wellness Photorejuvenation

“Nanci is the best! So glad she is there.”
—MR, Radiant Skin Club Photorejuvenation Treatment

Therapeutic Bodywork

“Nava is great with therapeutic massage, she is well schooled in this work and has great knowledge of the human body. I have an injury and of the treatments I’ve received, PT, regular MT, doing core workouts, I think Nava’s body work has shown the most benefit for me so far. Thank you so much! After receiving five visits, I’m hoping to continue with massage, working on getting the resources to make it happen.”
—PB, 90 minute Therapeutic Bodywork

“Nava is amazing!”
—ME, 90 minute Therapeutic Bodywork

“It is wonderful to receive personal care in such an attractive environment.”
—CM, 90 minute Therapeutic Bodywork

“I have dubbed this therapeutic body work “Navassage”. Nava finds the bad spots and oh, so gently begins the healing process. Call her after a tough workout (or a race), for a chronic ache, or for a regular treatment simply because you deserve it.”
—SH, 90 minute Therapeutic Bodywork

“Enjoyed my massage with Nava. She really took the time to talk to me about my trouble spots and offered some good information on things I should try.”
—KB, 60 minute Therapeutic Bodywork

“I’ve been seeing Nava at least once a month for the past three years. I live an active lifestyle and I can genuinely attribute faster recovery and fewer injuries to my sessions with Nava. She truly understands her client’s needs and works through the body’s tension and pain with focused and tailored movements. As a Trager® practitioner, her sessions guide and encourage the body to move easier. I’m consistently impressed by Nava’s knowledge of the body and what affects overall well-being. I highly recommend starting a program with her. You will feel a noticeable difference after your first session, and each one thereafter.”

“Nava helped me recover my wellness, and my happiness. I’m tremendously grateful to her.”

“Nava’s work has truly been a blessing to me. Her special technique and the conscious space that she holds during sessions have a unique way of freeing the body from physical trauma and holding patterns of tension. I am fortunate to have worked with her on numerous occasions in a series of sessions, which has made a tremendous difference. She has helped transform my physical state even when that seemed impossible. I am very grateful to Nava and would highly recommend her work!”

“When I get a session from Nava it feels like she has eight hands instead of two! It’s the best ever.”
-Matilda, age 14

“Over the last 18 years I have received regular monthly massage from a variety of therapists. I felt great for a couple days, but the muscle tension would always return in old familiar spots. I started seeing Nava about 2 years ago for chronic issues related to various injuries and overall stress relief from work and life. She changed my world. Nava’s quiet, gentle approach finds the root of where my tensions are stored and she guides my muscles to unwind and release those holding patterns for good. She creates a safe place to let go of all the built up energy and anxiety that gets trapped, both physically and emotionally. The results are long lasting and I feel a huge shift in my body and mind after every session. It’s the most effective bodywork I’ve ever received. Her passion, wisdom and pure artistry shine through in her work and I’m forever grateful I found her.”

“Nava is an intuitive. She equally uses her being and moves out of the way to bail both physical and psychological pain out into the cosmos. With her, you will realize that you are in fact healing yourself.”

“Forty years ago I tore the acetabular ligament in my hip joint playing college soccer. I experienced hip pain and discomfort for thirty-eight of those forty years until meeting Nava. Her awareness, intuition, and skillful hands have given me the first real and lasting relief I’ve experienced. I have found her to be an expert and truly caring practitioner. I believe you will find no one better at helping you with what you need.”

“Nava’s work has been the gift of exhalation to my mind, body, and soul. The burdens of living melt in her hands as I am reminded again what it is to feel free. Her heart for the work is reflected in the transformation. And for that, I have the deepest gratitude.”

Shot Bar

“I went in for a B-12 shot, a recommendation from my doctor to offset the lack of energy I’ve been experiencing. Dr. Heiger is excellent and explained the benefits of the shot (I was not too familiar with it) and also recommended, not pushed, that i consider a B-complex shot as well in the future. I was able to schedule a same day appointment and left feeling well informed and confident that I had made the right decision. Needless to say, this treatment works for me and I will return! Thank you!”
—Mike O.


“First time having reflexology with Rosie and she was great. She was very knowledgable and offered me literature in addition to a sample essential oil she thought might be beneficial. Loved that she kept it quiet and so relaxing.”
—KB, Reflexology 60 Min Session

“Rosie’s reflexology is great. Her energy is very nurturing and she is very skilled. She also has great suggestions for self-care between appointments.”
—KB, Reflexology 60 Min Session

Virtually Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

“Kelly is AMAZING. She makes what could be a very awkward situation very comfortable. I bought another area mainly because she has made the whole experience so positive!”
—TJ, Pain Free Laser Underarms