Spiritual Energy Healing

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Spiritual Energy Healing + Intuitive Life Coaching

Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? When it’s time to take a step back, having an empathic, knowledgeable guide makes all the difference. Bella Fiore Klinik offers energy healing and personalized coaching sessions with Tara Correll, a professional healer and life coach.

A descendant of native Hawaiian chiefs, Tara’s mystical and metaphysical healing gifts will help you gently unravel points of tension, dispel negativity and stress, and release the mental and emotional blockages in your life.

Your session with Tara starts with grounding breathwork and intention-setting. Tara will work hand-in-hand with you to address imbalances in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual symmetry. After sessions, clients often experience a sense of calm and inner clarity, better sleep quality, higher intuitive resonance, and greater overall well-being.

Whatever approach you choose, the goal is always transformation and empowerment for you.

Soul Life Coaching:

For first-time clients, Tara integrates a soul life session with a combination of her intuitive abilities and your astrological natal chart, which reveals your fortunate aspects, areas of challenge and life purpose. You’ll leave with a practical coaching plan and a clear understanding of your path.

2 hours – $245

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching:

Based on your needs and goals, Tara will customize a motivational and inspiring session that will propel you forward with clarity and vision.

90 minute – $185

60 minute – $140

60 minute couple’s session – $165

30 minute – $70 (by phone or skype only)

Intuitive Holistic + Integrated Wellness Energy Healing:

Offered stand-alone or in conjunction with coaching services, this session is designed to help you move toward your goals. Energy healing is beneficial for relief from emotional trauma, greater mental clarity, and release of physical discomfort.

Spiritual Energy Dynamics® Energy Healing:

A transformative energy clearing and harmonizing process, this therapy releases negative emotions, balances your energetic system and clears spiritual impurities. You can look forward to expanded intuition and increased clarity afterward.

60 minute session – $140

Combination Life Coaching + Energy Healing:

Perfect for fine-tuning your path and discovering ‘next steps’, this session includes 60 minutes of customized coaching as well as 30 minutes of energetic clearing to heal, rebalance and create flow.

90 minute session – $185

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*Contact me for more information or to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation. 206-851-9627 or taracorrell.com. I can customize any service based on your individual needs. All services are available in person, by phone or skype unless otherwise noted.