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Trager® Intergrated Bodywork – Reach the Mind. Free the Body.

In all our doing we pattern.  To do well function as our optimal selves, we must undo the harmful patterns we’ve made.  Trager® is an invitation to an easier way of moving and being that frees the body by reaching the mind.  Tension, pain, and limiting patterns build and nest in the subconscious mind.  It is this deep place that we must touch to bring enduring change to the body.  


Sessions begin or conclude with simple, near-effortless movements that empower you to replace old habits of holding on with new ways of letting go. 


Through suggestion and with curiosity, we explore what could be. Shoulders are invited to hang, spines to slither, necks to glide, ribs to rise, abdominals to soften, hips to sway and fingers to dangle. Old injuries are uncovered and encouraged to release their limiting memories. Artful, therapeutic gestures gently unlock what is unfavorably held by the body. Lulling, loosening and reverberating movements overcome chronic hardness and holding to reveal subconscious sources of the discomfort. Through this process the integrated whole comes to rest, unified and expanded, relaxed and vibrant.


Although one session can be profound, results are cumulative.  Each successive session offers deeper re-patterning toward a more optimal state.  Prevailing effects clients report are an overall lightness of being, freedom from chronic pain and tension, increased range of motion, easier movement, a sense of length in limbs and spine, a natural heaviness of shoulders, feeling where once was numbness, emotional release, centeredness, fuller breath, more restful sleep, inner peace, renewal, joy, and a gentler, more aware, and friendlier relationship with oneself and gravity. 


Single Sessions
$125 for 60 minutes
$150 for 90 minutes

A recommended series of four is offered at a 10% discount to support a habitual state of ease and facilitate rooted change.

Therapeutic Series
$450 for four 60 minute sessions
$540 for four 90 minute sessions

The Practitioner

Nava Maude Wiegert, Therapeutic Bodyworker / Certified Trager® Practitioner
(LMT License #MA60436045)

Nava Maude Wiegert, Licensed Massage Practitioner

Nava grew up on the back of a horse where she acquired hands that listen.  This special sense is keen when she works.  She approaches the body, its intelligent elements, and energy with great respect, knowledge, and intuition.  


A gifted designer, inventor, and crafter of inanimate things, Nava has always been inspired to elevate the potential of living forms.  She bolstered her University of Michigan BFA with LMT licensure from Seattle’s elite Discoverypoint.  Immediately after, she specialized in a uniquely gentle and elegant form of fascial release and structural decompression through 12 months of professional mentorship.  She then gained certification in The Trager® Approach through a pioneering 7-month intensive program.  Nava’s skill, sophistication, and grace naturally engenders exceptional works of healing art.  Put yourself in her hands to get back into your own.

Patient Testimonials

Nava is great with therapeutic bodywork, she is well schooled in this work and has great knowledge of the human body. I have an injury and of the treatments I’ve received, PT, regular MT, doing core workouts, I think Nava’s bodywork has shown the most benefit for me so far. Thank you so much! After receiving five visits, I’m hoping to continue with bodywork, working on getting the resources to make it happen.
PB, Therapeutic Bodywork
It is wonderful to receive personal care in such an attractive environment.
CM, Therapeutic Bodywork
I have dubbed this therapeutic bodywork “Navassage”. Nava finds the bad spots and oh, so gently begins the healing process. Call her after a tough workout (or a race), for a chronic ache, or for a regular treatment simply because you deserve it.
SH, Therapeutic Bodywork

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