Microcurrent Lymphatic Drainage

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Microcurrent Lymphatic Drainage

Have you been feeling stagnant lately? Or dealing with lingering physical or emotional pain? Microcurrent Lymphatic Drainage is a soothing and safe procedure that liquefies and drains the lymphatic system allowing the body to cleanse on many levels.

The Lymphatic System

Responsible for eliminating toxins and unwanted material from the body, the lymphatic system plays a major role in our immune systems supporting all other bodily systems and fighting inflammation.

About Microcurrents

By introducing low levels of energy that mirror the body’s own impulses, this treatment mobilizes stagnation in the lymphatic system relieving congestion in the blood vessels, the abdominal organs, and the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. 

What to Expect

Lymphatic Drainage at Bella Fiore Klink is a relaxing and painless procedure. Effects include improved overall circulation, waste removal, and cellular metabolism.  

After the Treatment 

Lymphatic cleansing will be enhanced for up to 48 hours afterward. Be sure to drink plenty of pure water following your treatment to help your body as it removes toxins. 
We recommend Microcurrent Lymphatic Drainage in combination with our gentle Colon Hydrotherapy for deeper cleansing.

The Practitioner

Microcurrent Lymphatic Drainage at Bella Fiore™ Klinik is performed by Sharon Scott, a professional Massage Practitioner and Licensed Esthetician and Colon Hydrotherapist. Sharon, who graduated from the Brenneke School of Massage, came to massage in a quest to resolve her own back tension. She’s worked with hundreds of patients over the course of 26 years to resolve injuries and reduce pain from tension. Sharon is trained in Lypossage, and has studied Microcurrent Lymphatic Drainage Levels I & II with Jennifer Gramith, ND.

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