90 Day Skin Challenge

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90 Day Skin Challenge at Bella Fiore Med Spa

Ready. Set. Go! Jump start your skin’s health and beauty through the power of Osmosis +pür. Osmosis, a staff favorite in terms of skincare lines, is known for its gentle, yet effective results. Rather than irritating the skin with abrasive ingredients and chemicals, Osmosis products contain nutrients that soothe and heal it. Our 90 Day Skin Challenge is an intensive restorative program that beautifies, de-ages, and transforms the skin within a very short three-month period while showering the skin in Osmosis natural ingredients. Dive into the program with a deep-cleaning, purifying mask, non-chemical peels, and an at-home maintenance tool box.

During this skin transformative experience, you will receive:

  • 1 Osmosis Med Spa Facial
  • 3 Osmosis Facial Infusions

You will also be guided through the Osmosis Home Care program for best results. After all, beauty starts and home!

Common Issues Addressed During the 90 Day Skin Challenge

  • Rosacea—Clear and improve topical and internal causes of Rosacea
  • Acne—Heal all stages of acne and significantly improve scarring
  • Aging—Reverse the signs of aging by gently lightening and tightening the complexion
  • Hyperpigmentation—Improve Melasma and Age Spots

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