Bella Fiore™ Signature Club

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Ultimate Wellness Club at Bella Fiore Med Spa

Looking for that dewy glow and youthful skin day after day?

Commit to it! Your skin is exposed to daily debris and buildup and it acts as your first line of defense against airborne exposure to the elements. Monthly organic, medical-grade facial treatments are a healthy approach to thoroughly cleaning and clearing your complexion, renewing collagen for a plump, youthful appearance, and rejuvenating your glow.

Bella Fiore Signature Club, $99 per month*

The Bella Fiore Signature Skin Club is the best way to to save on services and products. Enroll before the end of the year and receive your choice of a complimentary B12 shot, Oxygen Boost, or 45 minute Infrared Sauna Session!

*Three month minimum requirement.


Choose 1 of the following services each month:

  • Custom Naturopathic Facial
  • Reflexology
  • Trager Psychophysical Integration

Additional Benefits

Membership has its perks! Additional benefits to membership include:

  • 10% off of add-ons
  • 10% off of products
  • 10% off of Klinik services

Lifelong beautiful skin demands attention and care. “Treating” yourself to a facial will certainly help boost your skin’s luminosity, however, committing to a monthly organic, medical-grade facial treatment ensures maximum skin health, compounding positive results, and continuous regeneration of new, healthy cells for very long-lasting results. Miss a month? Members can roll over a maximum of two appointments the following month. A three-month minimum commitment is required in order to enroll.

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