Facial Enhancements

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Facial Enhancements at Bella Fiore


Microphototherapy combines the power of light and heat energy to safely and effectively rejuvenate the skin and renew collagen without any down time. Add this to any treatment and see beautiful, flawless results.

  • Neck, $20
  • Décolleté, $25
  • Hands, $20

Nano Microcurrent Stimulation

Nano microcurrent stimulation infuses enriched oxygen molecules (holistic ozone) into the skin thereby cleansing, massaging, and stimulating blood flow. The treatment also dilates superficial blood vessels, retexturizes, aids in lymphatic drainage, and promotes a pleasant sense of well-being. This is also a fantastic antibacterial treatment for acne prone skin and can be added to any Signature or Med Spa facial with the guidance of your esthetician.

Ultrasonic Resurfacing

Ultrasonic Resurfacing provides soft peeling as an alternative to microdermabrasion. Using ultrasonic technology, the skin is deeply exfoliated and smoothed. The Ultrasonic Resurfacing also allows for a deeper penetration of our organic skin care ingredients, while accelerating blood circulation and strengthening the skin tissue metabolism—a perfect complement to a Signature or Med Spa Facial.

Oxygen Boost

An oxygen boost immediately revitalizes your skin and clears the skin of imperfections almost instantaneously. Oxygen is sprayed at a high pressure directly to the the skin’s surface, followed by the application of an organic serum rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. These are atomized and delivered as a soothing mist. Add this to any signature facial, microcurrent platinum or dermaplane facial

LED Mask

Light therapy restores the skin’s natural cellular activity and promotes tissue regeneration. LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are used to stimulate the cells, which forces them to release nourishing cellular bi-products to heal and de-age the skin from within. The cellular bi-products dilate the skin’s capillaries and blood vessels, which leads to an increase in the blood flow. An increase in blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin, revealing a fresh, dewy glow. As a results, you can expect increased circulation, new collagen, decreased pore size, firmer skin, and an increase in lymphatic system activity. Add this to any Signature or Med Spa Facial for a boost to the complexion.
$25 add on

Patient Testimonials

All the staff is always super friendly and welcoming, great place to come and relax.
VI, Photorejuvenation
Every practitioner I’ve had here has been amazing!
VI, Ultimate Wellness Micro-Nano

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